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ABOUT Adapted physiques

Our Credentials



Competition Experience :

Regional (level 1) competition, to National and IFBB level competition experience.

U.W. B.Ed. Bachelors of Education.

U.W. B.A. Bachelors of Arts.

 PN-1 Precision Nutrition Cert.

ISSA & IFA Certified Sports Nutritionist

ISSA Certified BodyBuilding Specialist

Specialized in Physique Transformations

IFA Certified Aerobic Instructor

IFA Certified Personal Trainer

Specialized in Group Training

+ more.

Why Adapted Physiques?


Stephen Hawking famously said, 'Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”


At Adapted Physiques we believe in just that, a science based approach to the basis of physique transformations. We are continually exploring methods to manipulate the bodies mechanisms, from metabolic responses, skeletal muscle hypertrophy, gut microbiota, and other adaptive responses to various stimulus from the latest scientific research.


The body has its own process to reach homeostasis, further investigation and exploitation of the bodies ability to quickly adapt and overcome changes leaves us little room for guess work. The understanding of the body and its functions make it clear that even as complex organisms, we must follow the biology and kinetics of the human body. 


The science to achieve results using the manipulations required to adapt one’s physique isn’t as simple as one equation.  Unfortunately there is no one size fits all algorithm, but ultimately understanding the bodies functions make it plausible to recognize connections and exploit them. 


Using our methodology will yield one result, an Adapted Physique.


“I felt like apart of a team, the camaraderie was just as impressive as my results.”


“I didn't think I could drop the weight, I tried countless fad diets and plans on the internet. It wasn't until I joined Team Adapted Physiques that things really started to work.”


“Trusted the process and have never looked better or felt as good while on a "diet".”