Adapted Physiques
Coaching Service

An Adapted Physiques Coach will help you in your fitness journey no matter where you currently are, as a beginner or fitness professional. We specialize in total physique transformations and contest preparation for competitive athletes, heavily niching in conditioning. All of our coaches are available for hire through our service and made easily accessible through a mobile app.


Talk to a REAL person with REAL credentials and REAL experience that you help guide and support you to your goals with the ease of having it all in the palm of your hands anywhere you go. In-depth Nutrition Programming, Training and Exercise Programming, Supplementation and Advanced Protocols detailed to help you reach your goals.

In-app check in features and so much more, start with an Adapted Physiques coach today by selecting an Online Service Package available in Monthly and Package instalments.

Online Service Packages

Coaching programming available through fitlog app only. 
Learning Lab Membership does not include paid tuition masterclasses.
Learning Lab only included in month to month packages, 6 and 12 month prepaid packages only.

Month to month packages are re-occurring monthly, until cancelled.
30 day cancellation notice required.
Prepaid memberships are final sale and available for gifting but cannot be transferable once programming commences. 
All Prices are in CAD.

Month to Month Packages